At Haystack, we’re not just revolutionizing talent acquisition; we’re streamlining it for speed and precision.

AI Driven

Our unique AI-driven technology, integrated with video gaming, accelerates the hiring process, making it easier and faster to find viable talent.

Optimized for Efficiency

We’re dedicated to shaping a more efficient future of recruiting, creating inclusive pathways for individuals who may be bypassed by traditional recruitment processes.

Strength in Diversity

We champion diversity and individuality, acknowledging the unique strengths and talents of each person.

Where happiness and talent meet

Finding the exact right candidate for each specific role is somewhat like finding a needle in a haystack. Where do you start? How can you tell them apart? And how do you get beneath the surface resume to find qualified candidates?

Haystack Unlimited is at the forefront of transforming the way we connect people with jobs. Our approach goes beyond traditional resume scanning to deeply uncover, understand, and showcase the unique talents and potential of each individual.

We deliver qualified candidates to talent acquisition specialists, recruiters and hiring managers to save time and provide candidate insights that would otherwise remain hidden in the standard hiring process.

Powered by proprietary, validated psychometrics, our video-game platform, THREAD, is built to accommodate the sensory needs of neurodiverse job seekers, uncovering their hidden talents that apply in the workplace and presenting them in a way that highlights their alignment to specific tasks and roles.

“Say goodbye to traditional staffing woes and hello to a brighter, more dynamic workforce with Haystack.”

Shelley Tanner

CEO, Haystack

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